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Mon. March 19 2018
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ORP100, GSM-R Handhelds
In efficient railway networks, all personnel along the rails and on train should communicate over GSM-R, to take the most of system performances: reliability, safety, flexibility, professional services and, at the same time, cost-effectiveness and quality of services. AJA stands out for its long experience in mobile communications and in GSM-R technologies as a member of the GSM-R professional company. For all these reasons, AJA Handhelds can provide all GSM-R features with the most advanced GSM mobile phone advantages. The GSM-R handhelds' portfolio offers a large choice of mobile terminals to satisfy all customer requirements. Railway personnel are required to operate with great care under any climate conditions and always ensure the highest safety and GSM-R mobile terminals must still be able to handle railway communications in difficult environments.

ORP100 is the Operational Purpose Handheld designed for trackside maintenance personnel; with enduring design and high radio capabilities, ORP100 is the perfect mobile for tough railway environments. ORP100 simplifies railway operations by combining GSM-R functionalities with the most advanced GSM mobile phone advantages.ORP100 complies with EIRENE OPH requirements: it is water, dust and shock resistant and tested under rigorous temperature and humidity conditions.

ORP100 is a lightweight and ergonomic working tool, providing all voice and data features expected in a modern mobile with all special railway functions: Advanced Speech Call Items (ASCI) phase 2+ features, Emergency Call, eMMLPP priority features and Functional Numbering. ORP100 has a large display and an easy-to-use keyboard four wellspaced functional keys used as soft key and programmable shortcuts to speed up menu access and data entry. To highly perform also under heavy duty conditions, hands free with loudspeaker, for freedom of movement and a vibrating call alert for noisy environments, are provided.

ORP100 is also equipped with a large set of useful accessories: hands free, carrying cases, chargers and batteries, data transmission cables. The handheld software can be simply updated through data port, thus allowing download of the ever-changing EIRENE/MORANE requirements. ORP100 holds the highest GSM-R technology in a rugged chassis. It is a perfect solution for railway communications in demanding environments.

Main Features
  • Advanced GSM-R technology
  • All GSM and GSM-R functionalities
  • Compliant with EIRENE requirements
  • High reliability
  • Strength
  • Ergonomics
  • Large set of accessories
  • Easy software updatability
  • Cost Effective
  • Railways operation & maintenance staff
  • Asset Management & Service companies staff
  • Shunting application

  • Voice group call
  • Voice broadcast calls
  • eMLPP
    (enhanced MultiLevel Precedence and Preemption)
  • Functional addressing
  • Shunting mode
  • Multiple driver communication
  • Emergency calls

    GSM Phase 2/2+ CS Bearer Services for data transmission.
    GPRS (Phase 2+) Bearer Services.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ Teleservices.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ Supplementary Services.
    Browser WAP application and T9 dictionary.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ ASCI.
    Specifics MORANE/EIRENE.
    All services can be managed by MMI or standard AT commands
    Full graphic display of 132*65 pixel.
    Standard serial interface for data connection
     (RS232 electrical levels).
    Index of protection IP54
    Power Class
    Class 4 (2 Watt) GSM-R
    Class 1 (1Watt) DCS
    300 grams
    Solar Radiation
    Max value of 1120W/m2 (SRPD)
    Rain (IEC 529/EN 60529)
    137H X 61W X 33D
    Standard Li-Ion 1800mA
    SIM Card
    3V SIM Cards
    Working Temp.
    -20°C ~ +55°C
    -40°C ~ +70°C
    -100 ~ 1800m (RSL)
    100% for short periods
    75% yearly expected average
    95% for 30 days per year
    75% maximum humidity for indoor (-5°C)
    The maximum absolute humidity is 30g/m3
    Frequency Band
    Uplink (MHz)
    876~880 880~915 1710~1785
    Downlink (MHz)
    921~925 925~960 1805~1880
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