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Mon. March 19 2018
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GSM-Railway is a wireless communication system developed specifically for railway communication. GSM-R technology was developed in an EU-funded MORANE (Mobile Radio for Railways Networks in Europe ) project. The project's goal is to develop a uniform digital radio system for European railroad traffic. GSM-R is a platform for voice and data communications as well as for traffic control system.

With AJA's GSM-R handheld ORP100 and radio mobile module UX800, the railway communication will tremendously enhance between ground personnel and in-train staff.

GSM-R is currently being introduced as the European standard for railway communications and is already in commercial use in several European countries. Several countries outside of Europe, e.g. China and India , decided already for GSM-R as their railway communication system. This allows for a single international communication standard for train communication and also improves interoperability between the various railway companies at international level.

Many applications to benefit from GSM-R
  • Alarm systems / Telemetry
  • Train positioning / Fleet management
  • Remote monitoring (crossings, tracks, )
  • Call pillars / ticketing
  • Data terminals

  • Services to passengers

    Increase attractiveness of train against air or other mean of travel

    GSM-R(GSM-Railway): UX800, ORP100(Handheld) European Integrated Railway radio Enhanced Network:
    UIC Project to develop the specifications for and to facilitate the standardization of the GSM-R railway radio communication system.

  • Advanced GSM-R technology
  • All GSM and GSM-R functionalities
  • Compliant with EIRENE requirements
  • High reliability
  • Ergonomics
  • Strength
  • Easy software updatability
  • Cost Effective

  • Model ORP100 UX800
    Supported Services GSM Phase 2/2+ CS Bearer Services for data transmission.
    GPRS (Phase 2+) Bearer Services.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ Teleservices.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ Supplementary Services.
    Browser WAP application and T9 dictionary.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ ASCI./ Specifics MORANE/EIRENE.
    MMI or standard AT commands.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ CS Bearer Services for data transmission.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ Teleservices.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ Supplementary Services.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ ASCI.
    Specifics MORANE/EIRENE.
    Standard and proprietary AT commands.
    Power Class Class 4 (2 Watt) GSM-R / Class 1 (1Watt) DCS Class 2 (8 Watt) R-GSM
    Sensitivity -102 dBm -104 dBm
    Weight 300 g 900 g
    Dimensions 137H X 61W X 33D mm 170H X 128W X 50D mm
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